We wanted to get some more information out there about our higher level funding tiers - however we apparently hit the character limit for Kickstarter, so we're going to start hosting things over here!

We're confident that we will hit these funding tiers either via crowdfunding, investment or bootstrapping based on revenue after launch. In the interim, check out what we're thinking and let us know if this jives with your expectations for the game!

For more information about our crowdfunding campaign, please refer to our Kickstarter Page.!


/Coray & The Starfighter Team

Funding Tier Feature List

Tier 1 - Core Multiplayer Experience (New Features)

  • Single Player Bot Match - Don?t want to play online? Prefer to hone your skills offline before taking on the world? Enjoy a good comp stomp? We?re excited to announce that no matter what level Starfighter Inc. gets funded, the game will include a simple Bot Match Single Player component, where players square off against AI-driven opponents set on pure, unadulterated meatbag massacre.

Tier 2 - Big Multiplayer Experience

  • Multi-Ship Seats ? You drive, I?ll shoot. Players can jump into the pilot seat while a buddy mans the turret, optimizes the ship?s performance, or manages on-board troops, drones or ships.

  • AI Carriers ? AI Carriers manage the resupply and maintenance of fighters in the field. Players launch into combat from them and return to get rearmed or repaired, or to get a new ship if theirs is destroyed.

  • Troop Transports ? Behemoth ships that carry troops into battle. Often the goal of these ships is to twist, bash, and smash their way through combat to dock with the target ship, then unload their troops for a boarding action.

  • Boarding ? Players can dock their Troop Transports with large capital ships in the hopes of disabling key systems, key personnel or capturing the ship altogether. Players get their ship into docking range, initiate the board action, then jump into a turret to defend their bird while the Combat Troops do their thing inside the ship. Bonus points for a clean extraction.

  • Drones ? A major component of warfare on the frontier is unmanned drones. Light, cheap and able to pack a punch, these small autonomous robots are launched from bigger vessels, then carry out their prescribed orders around the battlefield.

Tier 3 - Episodic Content & Narrative Backstory

  • Episodic Scripted Missions ? At regular intervals, a new mission drops, moving the story forward. These missions are modularly built from multiplayer game modes.

  • Player-Driven Storyline ? Players control the story! Based on how many players take a given action during a weekly mission or based on how many players succeed or fail in a given objective, the Starfighter writing team adjusts the story to reflect. Notable players, groups, ships and achievements are highlighted via this storyline.

Tier 4 - Player Governed Universe

  • Player Board of Governors ? Starfighter Inc. will feature an elected Board of Governors comprised entirely of players selected by their peers to represent the player body. This group will advise the development team on how to evolve the universe while managing disputes between players, corporations and other entities.

  • Player-Created Missions ? By exposing our internal content authoring tools to our players, we can harness the power of the community to create wild new things that we would never even think of! Most of us got our start in the modding community, so this is a feature that we?re very excited to roll out.

  • ?Black Market? Player Trading -- Want to sell an extra weapon system or valuable engine module that players can?t get unless they're affiliated with your corporation? Hit the Black Market to get top dollar from other players, but be careful! Sell too much and you may impact your reputation with some mercenary corporations...or make new friends from shadier operations!

  • Steam Workshop Integration - Steam workshop is awesome. It allows an entire community of content creators to take part in the creative process. While we?re good at making games, the power of the community is truly staggering. As we?ve seen with games like Skyrim, empowering players to make equipment, mods, or even entire campaigns leads to incredible creativity and energy for the game.

  • Player-Owned Bases - Players can use in-game currency to permanently purchase or construct bases. Making every decision needed to run a successful near-orbit or deep space operation.

Tier 5 - Capital Ship Combat

  • Playable Capital Ships & Bases ? Players control every element of a capital ship or base, from power distribution to personnel assignment, to heat management. Unlike piloting a fighter, which is more about tactical skill, piloting a capital ship is much more about strategy and critical analysis?and blowing things up.

  • Co-Op Ship Management ? Players can team up to manage bigger capital ships. Players can either divide up work over VOIP or use pre-defined roles (navigator, comms, gunner, IW, etc.).

  • Capital Ship & Base Customization ? Just as players can customize their fighters, they can customize their Capital Ships and Bases. While outfitting a capital ship or base can be orders of magnitude more expensive, the types of missions that can be completed can provide staggering payouts.

  • Capturable Bases ? During battle, players can unload combat troops and support staff to take control of bases in order to turn the tide of battle. Some bases provide additional resources, while others provide powerful anti-fighter or anti-capital ship defense.

  • Base Customization - Just like players can tune any part of their ship, so too can they customize nearly every element of their playable bases.

Tier 6 - Dynamic Single-Player Campaign

  • Dynamic Single-Player Campaign - Objective-based gameplay challenges players to achieve specific victory conditions in designed engagements that provide both tactical challenge and narrative backstory.

  • Reactive Enemy AI - AI not only effectively pilots against the player, but uses battlefield awareness to make intelligent and surprising decisions in response to the player.

  • Voiceover-Driven Story - A cast of talented voice actors brings the backstory of Starfighter Inc. to life, providing backstory and narrative relevancy to gameplay. Radio transmissions communicate the key details of the story, which provide complementary information to core gameplay to those players who want more story in their space shooter.

  • Co-op Gameplay - Blowing up stuff in space is more fun with a friend! Team up with a co-pilot or wingman to take on the challenges at hand in a squadron or gunship. Worried about auto-balancing? Don?t be! These missions should be challenging enough for even the most veteran pilots!

Tier 7 - Scripted Cinematic Single-Player Campaign

  • Scripted Single-Player/Co-Op Campaign ? A more traditional, heavily scripted set of missions that are played in linear order, this Campaign serves both as a way for players to try out a wide variety of ships, but also to dive deeper into the story behind Starfighter Inc..

  • Story-Driven Cutscenes ? Beautiful pre-rendered cutscenes tell the backstory of Starfighter Inc., providing context and relevance for gameplay.

  • Cinematic In-Game Events ? Those water-cooler moments (usually centered around something blowing up in spectacular fashion) that provide instant excitement and tons of fun. It?s important to us that we tell our story primarily in-game, and these cinematic moments are our vehicle for that.

Final Title & Teaser reveal. Summer Beta

Posted 2019-05-16

Impeller Studios announced In The Black™ as the final title for their PC space combat sim based on realism. A gameplay teaser and interview have been released. It was also announced that ray tracing will be supported and a beta will be playable at Gamescom.

Gameplay Alpha Milestone Announcement

Posted 2018-02-13

Impeller Studios declares Starfighter Inc. has reached its Gameplay Alpha milestone. Alpha Squadron backers have been notified to report for duty during the exclusive closed-Alpha testing phase.

The Ships

Posted 2018-01-03

These are the ships that you will take into battle. Each is a formidable nuclear-powered spacecraft that can be armed with a variety of weapons. Pilots select the configuration that best fits the combat role they've been hired for, or simply to suit their preferred play style.

Let's take a look at the Shrike

Posted 2015-07-01

Single-seat multi-role fighter optimized for reconnaissance and information warfare. Depending on configuration it is also suitable for precision strike

New Funding Tier Information

Posted 2015-05-29

We wanted to get some more information out there about our higher level funding tiers - however we apparently hit the character limit for Kickstarter, so we're going to start hosting things over here!