The Atlas Carrier was based upon an older modified MAC Hephastoi class transport. Originally built to transport massive loads to and from the Asteroid Belt

This class of ship was equipped with Mass Drivers capable of running off of cheap and plentiful iron nickel rubble eliminating the requirement to have hydrogen supplies transported from the gas giants.

The Hephastoi class was able to sustain a large crew for an extended duration. This coupled with it's modular design, led to several variations in the design and a diverse array of usages.

Most of the Hephastoi's primary systems, aside from the weapons control and fighter launch/retrieval systems, were carried over to the Atlas variant. Structural changes in the Atlas included upgraded hull armor and a reversed habitation section.

Additional research has focused on attempts to modify the drivers for plasma acceleration for destinations in the outer solar system.

Stay tuned for more shots of the MAC Atlas II and other ships.


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Final Title & Teaser reveal. Summer Beta

Posted 2019-05-16

Impeller Studios announced In The Black™ as the final title for their PC space combat sim based on realism. A gameplay teaser and interview have been released. It was also announced that ray tracing will be supported and a beta will be playable at Gamescom.

Gameplay Alpha Milestone Announcement

Posted 2018-02-13

Impeller Studios declares Starfighter Inc. has reached its Gameplay Alpha milestone. Alpha Squadron backers have been notified to report for duty during the exclusive closed-Alpha testing phase.

The Ships

Posted 2018-01-03

These are the ships that you will take into battle. Each is a formidable nuclear-powered spacecraft that can be armed with a variety of weapons. Pilots select the configuration that best fits the combat role they've been hired for, or simply to suit their preferred play style.

Let's take a look at the Shrike

Posted 2015-07-01

Single-seat multi-role fighter optimized for reconnaissance and information warfare. Depending on configuration it is also suitable for precision strike

New Funding Tier Information

Posted 2015-05-29

We wanted to get some more information out there about our higher level funding tiers - however we apparently hit the character limit for Kickstarter, so we're going to start hosting things over here!