Final Title & Teaser reveal. Summer Beta

Posted 2019-05-16

Impeller Studios announced In The Black™ as the final title for their PC space combat sim based on realism. A gameplay teaser and interview have been released. It was also announced that ray tracing will be supported and a beta will be playable at Gamescom.

Gameplay Alpha Milestone Announcement

Posted 2018-02-13

Impeller Studios declares Starfighter Inc. has reached its Gameplay Alpha milestone. Alpha Squadron backers have been notified to report for duty during the exclusive closed-Alpha testing phase.

The Ships

Posted 2018-01-03

These are the ships that you will take into battle. Each is a formidable nuclear-powered spacecraft that can be armed with a variety of weapons. Pilots select the configuration that best fits the combat role they've been hired for, or simply to suit their preferred play style.

Let's take a look at the Shrike

Posted 2015-07-01

Single-seat multi-role fighter optimized for reconnaissance and information warfare. Depending on configuration it is also suitable for precision strike

New Funding Tier Information

Posted 2015-05-29

We wanted to get some more information out there about our higher level funding tiers - however we apparently hit the character limit for Kickstarter, so we're going to start hosting things over here!