[Mechanics] First Impression of In The Black - Please help!

OK, so I'm a vet of all the space sims, MS Allegiance I played for 5 years or so and I played Babylon 5: I've Found Her (It's really hard to fly a Starfury, no really).

That out of the way, there's a few things I just can't understand about into the black.

1) What direction is my target going, how fast are they going. I can't find this information in the hud.
2) What direction am I going!? I couldn't see any indicators to show my general direction at all.
3) What's the range of my weapons? Infinity? If so, what's the velocity of the projectiles so I can learn leading times.

If there's a way to find it, or see it it's beyond me and without these things it's impossible to enjoy the game.

Edit: one other thing, the screen in the middle of the cockpit is just for show, right? I can't read any of the text as it's super small and fuzzy (everything is on ultra in my settings). Maybe it's all there?